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Novel: Malika


A devoted father must choose between the woman he loves and his children. Romantic drama in the mold of “Bridges of Madison County” or “Kramer vs. Kramer”.


SYNOPSIS:  The story is set in Peru in 1985, a time when the social and economic fabric of the country was deteriorating rapidly against the backdrop of escalating terrorist activity. MALIKA is the story of a deep, all-consuming love, in turns heart-warming and heart wrenching. The two principal characters are hemmed in by circumstances, society, and duty. The book dwells on their moral ambiguity. They are flawed (even aware of the fact), but cannot help themselves. Despite the omens, they press on, becoming increasingly committed – and increasingly careless – as the world closes in on them. The central dilemma hinges on whether Alex will stay with his family, or go with Malika and thereby sacrifice his children.


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